Different forms

         I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of body image lately. Sometimes I look at myself and think, “Damn, I’m fine” and then other times I’m harsh on my physical appearance. The fact that body image is not a static evaluation of yourself intrigues me. I know that everyone has these thoughts but recently I’ve been tuned in to my own image and how others perceive themselves. I cannot tell if this ever-changing image could be due to hormonal fluctuations, societal cues or a combination of both that ultimately plagues everyone. Then there was an incident that made me evaluate this idea further. 

            Last night I was hanging out with two friends. They had been talking about a photo of a mutual friend that had posed naked. One friend remarked that she thought this friend was beautiful and had beautiful breasts while the other had remarked that “Oh no, her areolas are too big, they aren’t the right color and the actual nipple is far too large.” I found this both a natural thing to think and at the same time a terrible thing to think. How can that be? I’ve yet to come to a conclusion how something can be two things at once. And then I realized there’s this conflict between nature and our imagination. We imagine how the perfect body should be and in turn our critiques reflect that form. However, nature in all its diversity and power has made each of us different. And I think I like that better than the perfect form. This means each body has a different form and therefore a different feel to you and to anyone else who experiences it.

            If we all had the perfect body then there would be no reason to seek sleeping with different people or the seeking of new physical experiences. I like that each body is different, meaning there’s an infinite amount of new sensations to be had as well as an infinite amount of new bodies to see, taste, touch and experience.